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Wealth Management

Investment Planning

We have no allegiance to any single money manager, investment or insurance product. Your interests come first with Karam Financial Group.

This objectivity, which allows us to select products form the broadest array available, enables us to customize your plan.

Wealth Transfer

How you plan the distribution of your assets help define who you are, how you think of yourself, your aspirations, and your sense of purpose in life - how others will know and remember you. For instance, it is possible to set up trusts for heirs, contributing to your confidence and expressing your love and concern. It is also possible to donate property to charities while retaining lifetime ownership and use. Business secession planning helps you structure a plan that ensures you and your family maximize the value of your company. Working with the right team of knowledgeable professionals who understand your person vision, wealth transfer can be the most fulfilling project you ever undertake.