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Human Resource Management Systems

Give your employees quick and easy access to your HR department. Our app allows you to effortlessly post and organize all of your company materials and restrict access by department, office, etc. How many forms could we manage for your company?

Your company policies are employee friendly and the benefit package is top notch, isn’t it time you update your communication strategy?

Features include

  • Onboarding paperwork
  • Health Reform compliance
  • Post SBC & Exchange Notice
  • HR Document library
  • Benefit communication
  • Online benefit enrollment
  • Company news portal

Health Reform Disclosures

Easily start by posting required federal and state disclosures for your employees. Whether it’s the new SBC or Exchange Notice required by ACA or SPD’s for your benefit plans and CHIP notices, think of our HR technology like Wikipedia for your HR department. You can also make your employee handbook, corporate forms, or policy summaries available to your employees online and on our mobile app.